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is welcome to live from paris world news and analysis from france twenty four i'm margot in these abang world news headlines. do you endnd is that you all partieses to exercisese maximum restraint in northeast syria this up to donald trump personally gate turkey's prpresident a g green light. to send in troops the syrian kurds say this is a stab in the back. the country they regarded until today as a strong ally. at least fifteen people have been killed as a wave of violence swept the pool area of baghdad. it's part of the ongoing demonstrations that have seen a hundred and ten people lose
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their lives last week. across iraq. controversies francis it is imposing immigration quotas the debates began in the national assembly launched by prime minister and while phoebe. system based on jobs and skills is an option under consideration . thank you for being with us this tension along the turkey syria border after united states began to pull out its troops it clears the way for military action by turkey against the syrian kurds. turkey says t this is necessary t to enforce the safe zone with a ton of syrian refugees the syrian kurds have a different take on all of this they say they've been stabbed inin the back by donald trump. syririan kurds worked a alongsie us troops to defeat the i islamc stee group in northeast syria trump meanwhile tweeted that
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he'd obliterate. turkey's economy if it overstepped. there are lots of angles of this story will bring it in just a more to mark course in anchorage trying to sortrt it ot for us. just a good evening to you tell us about what is likely to happen when turkey. as we expect goes into syria. i expectct a ragining batattle. cd sisit thihis w weekend but theyl be a all out war you startrt freights. along the entire syrian turkikish bordeder. the s will find clark racks. a and they'v've got lots of battle experience frorom fighting againsnst the islamic state grououp. n now it's- turkey retaliateses excessively. if for instance it's applpl slacking. saw holdld town and therere are pictures in the news. then president trump could well carry out to stretch to destroy the turkish economy about t toms
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didndn't define what would be excessive you just said i if turkey doeoes anything i cononsr to be off limits no definition of off limits. so the turkish. armed forces for after with care. we are i in a different realalm of diplomacy now i'll be just a completely i'm i'm wondering how people in turkey might react to all of f this. well i think the n nationanalist parts of the population n i'm n. close to halt the popupulation. they wouould tend to susupport h an oraration they will l tend to believe president trump is sayingox okay all the halls of the population. how t they view what happenens depends very much on how the codes find back if the codes for instancee fire rockets into southern turkish towns killing and wounding stability. then the public at large will see the codes a as terrorists. and they will think
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the turkey's operation is legit. however thehe syrian kurds s cos find o out fine two million thre targets within syria. thenn as turkish soldiers come back in body bags people will question this operation. look at the border today it's been quiet for the past two years. and your rules will say what is the point of causing. mayhem when that was he spoke for. i'm just but the fact that donald trump has made this decision seemingly guard against advice from his defense stuff ms intelligence stuff from the pentagon from. he would name the whole list of possible vices and he's done all this from the strength it seems of a phone call with turkey's president what kind of influences to one. w weaving ovr the us. it does lolook that way but in fact other one does not pass o out over. and f from that
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socicial i think thihis hawks bk to president trump says wage so cold. amerirican soldiers back from overseas walls and it certainly goes back to prpresident trump's cage in december last year that he would withdraw all amemerican sosoldiers from syria now he didn't in fact do that. i hit his pledge prompted his defense secretary jim massess to resign it all wrong. a sort of our in house demons against him and he kept his american. soldiers in syria boxing. he's going back to his original pledge. and particularly with the elections coming out he wants to see it once american voters to say that he delivers on its promise. the calls for murder one you can play it the other way saying look at me a much yet strong decision on my own influence i suppose just want to leave that thank you very much indeed not. just double
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click. i'm sorry just to go ahead. well i'm certainly will be showing. will be presenting it as- an expression of his influence. and the gentleman that thank you very much indeed for that analysis just more about correspondent. in ankara what you'll developments on this story but the stroll the us troops under way. and was just as predicting and many others. a military operation imminent. from turkey into northeastern syria. lets me the latest on the impeachment car against us president donald trump congressional democrats have issued subpoenas to the pentagon and white house budget office they're seeking documents related to trump's decision to hold military assistance from ukraine. the house of representatives committees leading cari said the department of defense and the white office of management and budget must turn over the documents by october the fifteenth the allegation. is that trump threatened to withhold four hundred million
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dollars in aid to ukraine unless they investigated and doctors on joe biden and his son. ukraine's prosecutor general has already said there is nothing to investigate regarding. biden father for some. iraq remains in the grip of violent demonstrations that then fifteen more people killed this monday's violence swept the poor quarter of backed out center city. this in addition to east a hundred and ten killed last week across the country. our correspondents in fulton is impact that. violence broke out once again sunday nighght in centerr city a north eastern neighborhood of baghdad wherere many of the demonstratos come from. a security forces appear determined to prevent protesters to reach downtown and they manage to confine them. in center city and once again several people were killed and injured in an acknowledgement that violence took place prime minister either of them off the then announced that he would be withdrawing army units from
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that part of town. and replacing them with a police force now the interesting thing is that we appear to be getting mixed signals from the government on the specific matter because- earlier that day. the spokesperson of the ministry of interior held a press conference during whichch he saiaid that it is not the regular security forces were responsible for the violence against protesters but quote. malicious factions that have managed to infiltrate the security apparatus and a are shooting at both proteststers as well as s securityorces. so this realllly begs the queuestin whwho is inn control of the situation and is thahat your rocketet government once again strugglingng to rein in v varios armed factions that have destabilize the country. prime minister either love the mask the also announced a seventeen point recovery plan with which he aims to address the grievances of the protesters and this. includes f for example affordable housing it includes stipends to the unemployed as well as the payment of benefits to the families of protesters. who were killed during the demonstrations but what protesters have really been asking for is a complete
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overhaul of the political systems they want the government to step down. at and for now this does not appear to be happening so it's unlikely that this recovery. plan will manage to calm the anger here in baghdad. some of the vote in a report of that in baghdad. france's up began to confront its problems of immigration the debates began at the national assembly promised and often leap has raised the idea of a points based system. set up the government's position but he said it was important to act with humanity t to walls. michal let's get the analysis on this one which on by my account forty who sat structure of low bash date me gone my a thank you very much for joining us we appreciate your time. let me put that one to you humanity towards migrants you think we've seen. any evidence of. that happening so far in thehe y great ststory. i know. no we
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haven't seen any sign of many. you know i yeah and you can. so in terms of and while philip saying this at the national assembly something like that that is a good sign because he said it publicly so therefore he can be held to account. do you trust him. well let's. it's not it's not about the date i thinink. michael forty arm i think we have a problem with sound i certainly can't hear what you're saying what we will try to do is reconnect with you in a moment and see whether we can do this interview in a few moments time thank you very much for now my up stay by your phone to get someone to contact you. in the meantime i'll move on and give a few is a s small using to try to re establish that link with my account for to get her thoughts on that the
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immigration debate some of course what this means the migrants coming to. france a so let's get trying so that when i was a behind the scenes me while i bring you someone use that pressure is mounting on france's government to explain how the radicalization of a man who step for colleagues to death in a paris police headquarters fail to raise red flflags inside of the intelligence unit wherere thehen worked. enter m mr kristol castt announced summoned before two parliamentary committees this week conceded that been a malfunction as he and he promised to tighten t the net mr came under criticism after initially claiming that mikhail upon forty five year old cocomputer expert never gave the slightest reason for alarm. before going on the rampage last thursday upon had worked for the police since two thousand and three we shot. dead at the scene. of yet met. climate activists disrupted traffic in central paris this monday. it's part of two weeks
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of global action plan by extincnction rebellion. french activists sat down. at the plaster gently on the panel shows which leads to the university and no flood down. around the heart to feel like it's a strange to. paris tourist areas. a partial to sixty cities worldwide that has a will see protests and events to make the point. that action is needed now to save the planet. meanwhile in london the police say they arrested at least two hundred and seventy six activist who disrupted traffic near the houses of parliament. it seems rebellions bill all this is two weeks of peaceful civil disobedience. when france. twenty four emerald maxwell has this roundup worldwide. a city center how realized by protesters. blocking roads by any means possible. this is sydney but the same scene is being repeated in cities across the world on the extinction rebellion banda. the movement has launched a wide ranging series of demonstrations this week demanding much more urgent action against climate change. aim is to be non violent it is
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disruptive as possible because as it will close lugar symbolizes time is running out. we absolutely apologize to anyone who is presently inconvenienced by our actions we don't want to be here we don't want to disrupt people's lives. what we want is for the government to. in the birthplace of the movement in britain thousands of people flocked to major or to the capital. some even lay on the because polluted the hands of the ground. on the police have intervened arresting hundreds of people. to say the coolest makes it worth it. now the rest of your. anyway. to this so devoid of thirties in amsterdam and police forcibly removed hundreds blocking a major streets in francois extinction rebellion has six thousand members purchases stacia sitting of a shopping mall in
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the center of paris over the weekend. a year after its founded movement counts hundreds of ththousands of followers worldwide. extincnctin rebellion demonstrations two weeks of peaceful civil disobedience they said so far two hundred seventy six arrests in london and a see saw destruction in the center of paris will continue to bring you all aspects of that action at the taking on of course the debate. of the reasons why. this is happening. next on the verge of a breakthrough to find any mia cancer and other diseases two americans. and a british scientist of one twenty nineteen noble prize the mets. they discovered h how the body cells sense and react to oxygen levels they are doctors william g. callen. junia of harvard greg l. simmons of johnss hopkins and peter j. reckless. at the francis crick institute. and oxford university he will that they will equally shed the nine million krona. all round about nine engine eighteen
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thousand dollars cash award. contested what the doing of let's hope. they make even more progress. towards curing those diseases. welcome to you all. that's o one to the headlines like fm m paris the u u. n. is urging all partities to exererce maximu r restraint in northeastern syria this off to donald trump personally k. turkey's president a green light to send in troops t the searing could say this iss a a stab in the back from the country they regarded until today. as a strong ally. police fifty people have been killed as a wave of violence swept the pool area of baghdad it's part of the ongoing demonstrations at four hundred and ten people lose their lives. last week across iraq. control seem front says it considers imposing immigration coaches the debate is begun in the national assembly. dodge viper minister and to phillies the system based on jobs and skills is an option under consideration he says it needs to be compassion shown to migrants. we'll have
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more on that in the next half hour. time now for the day's business use and i'm pleased to announce coal spangler joins us started reports of mass layofofs that couldld be coming to. one f the world's largest banks tells me to remark hsbc could be cutting up to ten thousand jobs worldwide it's according to the financial times. that number represents about 4% of the company's work force would also come on top of the forty seven hundred job cuts the bank has already announced this year. hsbc hasn't commented on the report yet but the laughs are expected to focus primarily on europe. supposed to asia which accounts for about 80% of the bank's profits. report comes amid thousands of laughs across the banking sector worldwide. firm struggle with low interest rates trade tensions and declining growth. according to one analyst. in hong kong the knife could fall on higher paid employees. this time actually the thing would be e on the hig. payroll people. i think that
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that is public because- down opposing that much. because i've set the weapon is i actually with the with the vehicle and i think that they would like to we- maintain the sales force as well. and the back. office actually would be the first one to go already. monday also saw some disappointing figures out of the euro zone's lalargest economy. factory orders in germany fell for the second straight month in august. orders were six tenths of a percent lower than they were over the previous month the larger than expected drop was fueled by a lack of domestic demand. so i really feel concerns over the export drivevn economy which are ready shrank in the second quarter this year.. many analysts expect the same for the thihird quarter tht does happen. but enough to put germany in a technical recession. we are n not to the markets a bit of a mixed bag on monday. wall street trying to avoid its fourth straight week of losses the dow finished money down about a third of a percent. s. and p. also seeing losses nearly a half a percent. as the us and china prepare for their latest round of trade talks this week. masters
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evidently skeptical about the prospects s of a breakthrough. now turning to europe major indices also acts major your *-*- is actually sing some games there as opposed to o the u. s. but see about six tenths of a percecent same story for te captaiain on here in paris. tax in frankford shaking up that disappointing factory data if there's a day up seven tenths of a percent. next up a look at the growing and growing source of jobs in france. whether it's for the environment or to save money more and more consumers are turning to refurbish smart phones. it's not just good for the planet. in france around twenty companinies are specialized in repairing computers and telecom equipment. together the employees and fifteen hundred people. in a lee has the story. brininging not fansf back to life. thi french company brands itself and the cheap and ethical alternative to technology giants. like it hey you stir a pan and line cables. finding ways to adapt to the modern markets. when i for. focg
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and resetting smart t fate. how may souound we felt that we woud as will be looking for jobs we were left hanging. it's reassuring now we have a bright future ahehead one. this company alone after that two hundred thousand phones raking in revenues of nine million year right and the managers have a heaping tie at three hundred more people at the factory in the south of france. seven in front s say the twowo point o oe million refururbished phones wee sold last yearr a 7%% bump well the sales of new devices have gone down six point 5% that they promising sector that
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shows and no signs of slowing down thirty eight million small things are on their last legs in front. ready to be the fetish. and finally anonother multinatational conglomerate sas it's changing its ways to help the planet. you k know lever sas it plans to cut its use of plastic in half by twenty twenty five. announcement comes amid criticism of the company's environmental footprint the anglo dutch firm maker of products like dove soap and lived in t. currently uses about seven hundred thousand tons of plastic per year. production plan involves completely cutting up plaststics in somome cases as well as simpy using more recyclable material. such as coming out of the goodness of their heart mark you letter says they want to appeal to younger more eco conscious consumers in this presumably as a way to start doing that this is his business but it's a good sign. coal thank you cocole the business great to see you. assist you emma james a mediawatch good evening starting to look at reactions to donald trump's controversial decision to withdraw troops. from northeast in syria. yes the announcement
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came late on sunday night telephone call with the tech is president recep tayyip erdogan. at donald trump it would appear overruling his top advisers. and there are many fee is that this could really leave the cuts extremely vulnerable in the- case of an invasion by turkish forces because it would leave them. at unaided by the us i'm this is one of the many at trump tweets that we have seen on the subject it is time for us to get out of these ridiculous. endless wars many of them tribal. i'll bring all soldiers home we will fight for it is to our benefit. and only fights to win so very much the idea that. america fast means the allies read i matter anymore. i am now four hours later on the heap of criticism lake city that he issued this tweet. if turkey does and the thing that only in my great aunt much wisdom consider to be off limits. i will totally destroy into bliss right the economy of turkey i've done before. i'm alarming tweet number of reasons that one. and
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it certainly seems to be a reaction to the fact that he is getting criticized. even by those who would ordinarily be backing him now the daily beast is that is fairly liberal in its. sponsor unsurprising they all critical. it's crazy syria me they say will wipe out america's allies a and set up a big isis come back that really is west case scenario is that. michael weiss in this article. has the white house statement which is slightly less bombastic than donald trump's at tweets read as if it were written by someone who wants absolutely nothing to do with ththe part of the world as messd up as the middle e east. and doesn't cat if the whole place burns to the ground very strong what's that. no because of course will key to add the collapse of the isis caliphates don't come very fond of saying that it was all down to the united states. but they remain very much the enemy of turkey and that is why they now looks so vulnerable. in the event of the u. s. pulling out an folks and friends normally can be counted on to be very pro anything thehe president trump has to sasay but even brian
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kikilmeade. i'll get with his fellow hosts head saying. what kind of message is thanks to the next ally that wants to side with this we did it on them they did all the work now we say good luck good luck surviving. disaster i'm he's not the only one that you might have expected to back donald trump at lindsey graham is a republican. a senator and he at his first reaction to the this news was it's a disaster in the making he then tweeted this by abandoning the cuts. we sent the most dangerous signal possible america as an unreliable ally and it's just a matter of time before we see china russia iran and north korea acting out in dangerous ways. i'm the one of the things that lindsey graham has done he's very much leading the charge on this. is cooling for ankara to at pataki to be suspended from nato should they actually invade syria we will have to wait and see what happens next and nikki haley. was the us ambassador to the u. n. she has also spoken out saying we must always have the
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box of all allies if we expect them to have all back neck the hashtag to you. turkey is not our friend now the other big question and it's a big question for france because there are a lot of foreign. isis fighters out back in syria we know. there are thousands of foreign fighters around four thousand being held prisoner. by the cuts what happens if the cuts fleet we. empty date night. now loads of french magazine. is also reporting on the front there so many wives and offspring. of f isis fightes outlet in syria. . klay nobody wants them but nobody wants to see a massacre and nobody wants to see them indiscriminately released only that sir a lot of concerns about what could happen. the repercussions of this could be indeed i'm watching for all the violence of course now france's intnto mr kristol castanets is facing criticism here even calls to resign. as more information comes to light about the man who killed for his colleagues at the paris police headquarters last weekend a telescope. yes chris of course
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that has only been in the job of interior minister for a year box he's faced quite a number of crises now some of them i think it's fair to say of his own making he does seem to. be a little bit guilty is putting his foot in his mouth as we like to say in the united kingdom i'm the pressure is very much mounting on him partly becausese of his past statements to be made after this attack happened. at the paris police headquarters for police officers stop to death and he immediately said that there was no sign of any problem with the killers behavior before it happened there was no i did he could have been radicalized. and was it inaccurate or was it deliberately misleading a lot of people asking thahat question right now is more more details come out abobout what we should and could have known earlier owned and limo reporting on this one. saying that this was a major failure of the state they talk about the fact that hehe said good job after the sht after attack he was and had they h had an informal chats
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within the police h. q. with him about that one. severeral of his colleagues that they noted signs of radicalization old and inform bessie perry's will talk to people w who are specialists in that area again nothing was done their action was taken. i am so a loss of questions really about crystal castaneda and his role as intererior minister heat that has been a kind of eras and he does admit that base that was signs that should have merited investigation. another thing that we've discovered today is that a u. s. b. he according. to the policy are. found in the attackers home actually. contained images of beheadings by isis. and also. how small chillingly information hustle ininformation regarding his colleagues. at we don't know whether it's the colleagues whoo ended up. beingng killed by him. i'm castaneda says he will not be resigning it does seem likeke the hashsh tag. a day missing custom that is that every week on twitter. basically resigned castaneda and what h he is going to do today is the number of attacks could have beenen
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prevented he
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